Who We Are

Physicians Network Association (PNA) specializes in correctional healthcare. We provide comprehensive, custom-tailored, quality health services to adults and juveniles held in correctional facilities throughout the United States.

PNA is recognized as a leading provider of contracted correctional healthcare services and welcomes the opportunity to meet with representatives of your facility to answer any questions you may have regarding your healthcare needs. We invite you to call for a confidential, no-obligation analysis of your facility's healthcare delivery system. You will find PNA to be an experienced, responsive partner who can deliver economical health services that meet constitutional requirements.

PNA's unique network of health professionals work together to deliver quality medical, dental, and mental health care at our contract facilities. These highly-skilled individuals understand the demanding corrections environment. Many of our physicians and nurses are long-term employees who have discovered the rewards of a relatively new and unknown field -- correctional healthcare. Why have so many remained with PNA? A good work environment, excellent pay and benefits, travel and promotion opportunities are some of the reasons. If you are interested in employment opportunities with PNA, click here.